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the design agency that believes in necessary, useful and beautiful

We see things differently.

At arithmetic we look closely at all aspects, and in non-conventional ways. We work with candor. We see inspiration everywhere and our distinct visual aesthetic gives our work authenticity, individuality and sincerity.

We are innately inquisitive and naturally analytical.

We are obsessed with culture and trends and determined to reinvent the everyday objects in our lives. We take our love for fashion, architecture, music, and travel infuse it into every project.

We believe that things should look great.

From the big vision to the finest detail, we add functional, strategically thoughtout design to the world.

We believe that hands are meant to get dirty.

If stomping through the forest to get the perfect photo for your project, or coffee staining vintage music sheets makes you look better, we’re happy to oblige.

What is the arithmetic connection?

Over the centuries, philosophers have explored the link between a rt and mathematics. But how can we evaluate beauty? Does a formula for aesthetic contentment exist? What makes some design compositions feel harmonious while others feel so wrong or incomplete?

From The golden section, to the rule of thirds to grids, it’s clear there is an underlying equation that creates a foundation for aesthetic beauty. This framework of possibility is also represented in the underlying equation that supports the growth of your branding and design process. From intangible processes to solid, rhythmic design, arithmetic can be applied to your branding and business needs.

Our arithmetic is the framework for your heightened brand experience.


The poetry of logical ideas
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