branding & packaging design company

we're a branding, packaging and design company located in beautiful Vancouver, Canada

We're known for our novel, meaningful ideas that build smart and cool brands - rich with cultural experiences. Ideas that help your customers live a cultured life.

Our ideas create tangible and attractive brand experiences that will connect you and your customers through compelling experiences that re-enforce the values of your brand; we deliver an experience that transforms a passive observer into active participant.

Our sensitivity to trend shifts in fashion, retail, cultural values, colour, interior home style and consumer behavior makes us expert in fusing cross culture style and identifying when key culture shifts are applicable to your market so you can be a style leader in your industry.

Core Services:

Brand Creation: Brand Strategy, Product Naming, Brand and Product Positioning, Identity (logo) Creation, Tagline Creation, Graphic Standards and Stationary

Brand Refreshment: Visual Brand Repositioning Strategy, Identity-Redesign, Graphic Standards and Stationary

Packaging Design for Consumer Goods, Lifestyle & Gifting Categories. Brand Story Building, Industrial Design for Structural Packages, Retail Merchandising Efficiency, Manufacturing Sourcing & Print Production Management

Retail Brand Experience: Store Design, Way Finding, Menu Signage Design, Wall Paper Design, Merchandising Props, Awning & Main Brand Signage Creation

Fashion Textile Design & Surface Pattern Print Design for Housewares

Website Design

Our type of client:

Food + Health
Organic food or beverage manufacturers, tea companies, bakeries, produce farms, wellness centre, luxury spas, and vitamin wholesalers, even sun block.

Fashion + Beauty
Fashion designers, retailers, cosmetic, skin care, fragrance companies.

Boutique Living
Trendy new restaurants, lounge/bar, coffee shops, boutique hotels, vineyards, interior design or eco real-estate projects.

What do these industries have in common? A lifestyle.