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We believe design should make you feel something.
We believe in doing something good each day.
We believe in collaborations.
We believe brands are as unique as people
We believe the sweetest harmony sometimes starts with catastrophe.
We believe in no brow lifestyles where new luxury is easily attainable.
We believe in handcrafted techniques & traditional methods.
We believe in advant garde and the style obsessed.
We believe that you can never solve a problem on the level you created it.
We believe that considering the enviroment and aesthetic are not mutually exlclusive.
We believe that consumer experience success is based on relationships.
We believe in climbing out of your own assumptions.
We believe in looking at problems in non-conventional ways.
We believe old can inspire the new.
We believe beautiful, effective and powerful design takes love, dedication, passion and time.
We believe our job is to listen, translate and create.
We believe in supporting local businesses.
We believe in generosity and the words thank-you.
We believe in organic, home grown food.
We believe in knowing what to take and what to decline.
We believe in reuse, reuse, reuse and then recycle.
We believe in organic, alternative materials and methods.
We believe in design with purpose and environmental intelligence.
We believe in taking control of our environment & personal thumbprint on the world through purchasing habits.
We believe in questioning assumptions, provoking discussion and envisaging change.
We believe in capturing the change you want to see in the world through the work you do each day.
We believe that your brand will tell the story of the modern world.

We believe in the work that we do and the change we make.
We believe in the poetry of logical ideas.

What is the arithmetic connection?

Over the centuries, philosophers have explored the link between a rt and mathematics. But how can we evaluate beauty? Does a formula for aesthetic contentment exist? What makes some design compositions feel harmonious while others feel so wrong or incomplete?

From The golden section, to the rule of thirds to grids, it’s clear there is an underlying equation that creates a foundation for aesthetic beauty. This framework of possibility is also represented in the underlying equation that supports the growth of your branding and design process. From intangible processes to solid, rhythmic design, arithmetic can be applied to your branding and business needs.

Our arithmetic is the framework for your heightened brand experience.


The poetry of logical ideas
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